Services We Offer:

  • Substance Abuse Evaluations: Resolutions offers comprehensive assessments to help you identify how substance use is negatively impacting your life. We also help you evaluate if you are in need of additional treatment by gathering information that includes; substance abuse history, psychiatric history, family history, social history, health history, and legal history. 
  • Intervention Services: If you are concerned about a loved one's substance use, Resolutions will assist you with the addicted person by setting up an intervention in order to help the person struggling with substance use. 
  • Outpatient Treatment Services: Here at Resolutions we are strictly an outpatient treatment facility.This type of treatment allows individuals to receive necessary substance abuse treatment while still being able to be involved with their day to day life. 
  • Prime for Life: Resolutions offers the 12 Hour Drinking and Driving Course.
  • Marijuana Diversion Program: Resolutions is an approved provider to offer the 6 hour Marijuana Diversion Program that is often times recommended in Johnson County after and individual is charged with possession of a controlled substance (marijuana).
  • Adolescent Treatment Services: Here at Resolutions our certified counselors have experience working with the youth and high-school populations in Iowa City and the surrounding communities. We also work with the young college population that currently faces substance abuse issues.We do not use a correctional or punitive approach and our philosophy is to treat every individual in a compassionate and respectful manner. 
  • Bilingual Services: Resolutions offers substance abuse evaluations to Hispanic clients for which English is not their native language. We take into consideration their cultural and ethnic background.
  • Urinalysis Testing: Here at Resolutions we offer on site and instant urinalysis testing to concerned parents,employers,individuals working with a probation officer, ect. (please contact us prior to coming in for a urinalysis screening to insure the appropriate staff member is here to assist you)
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  • Substance Abuse Evaluations (court ordered and non-court ordered)
  • Intervention Services
  • Extended Outpatient Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • 12 Hour OWI Prime for Life Class
  • Marijuana Diverson Program
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Bilingual Services
  • Urinalysis Testing

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For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911 or go the nearest emergency room.
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