Our Mission

 The mission of Resolutions Substance Abuse Services is to provide warm,caring,compassionate, individualized, and high-quality patient care for those suffering from substance use disorders. We assist people with the process of healing by helping them regain control of their lives and evaluate how their life has become biologically, emotionally, and socially affected by substance use. We use an individualized bio-psycho-social approach to addiction to ensure every aspect of a patients life is addressed throughout treatment. 

Our Philosophy 

     The philosophy of Resolutions Substance Abuse Services is based on the belief that addiction to alcohol and drugs is a disease, a bio-psycho-social disease that affects one biologically, psychologically, and sociologically which is chronic, progressive and fatal in nature. The purpose is to assist the chemically dependent person in achieving his/her own long-term goals of abstinence and improve his or her own dysfunctional lifestyle. 

Our Values

     Integrity: We are consistently striving to be open, honest, ethical and genuine.

     Privacy: We are always in compliance with HIPPA privacy laws as well as a direct dedication to keep your personal information private and confidential.

     Culture: We strive to create a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome. Resolutions does not discriminate based on religion, sexual orientation, gender, political views, or race.

Resolutions Substance Abuse Services is accredited by CARF. Please click the link below to learn more.